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Wikipedia may organize “Wiki Conference India – 2016” in Nashik next year

The world’s largest encyclopedia of information and knowledge, Wkipedia is likely to choose Nashik as next destination for its “Wiki Conference India – 2016”. The Wiki conference is likely to be held in the month of August next year. During recent visit by Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) to Boston in the US, preliminary discussion happened between officials of both sides.

The Wiki Conference would boost image of Nashik city and help it to create a name on global IT map. Significance of Wiki Conference is annual event is organized in different countries across globe.  For next year, many cities from India are bidding to host this prestigious conference. According to Wiki Ambassador, city of Nashik is leading favorite till now to become due to strong bid.

Event would host more than 500 members of Wiki Community coming from all corners in the world. They would discuss, present and strategize various initiatives to spread impact of Wikipedia in the world as preferred knowledge reference. During 2015, the Wiki Conference was held in Washington DC in the US. If Nashik host this event in 2016, it would help the city to establish as next IT destination.   

Nashik is rapid growing its reputation as next IT destination and attracting many leading brands to the city. You may read TCS is likely open Innovation Centre in Nashik