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Mumbai - Nagpur Expressway via Nashik to be ready in 3 years costing ₹32,000cr

Maharashtra government and Government of India entered into agreement to construct six lane super expressway connecting state capital Mumbai with Nagpur. The project would be completed in next 3 years with a budget of ₹32,000cr.

The expressway would reduce travel time between Mumbai and Nagpur to just 10 hours from currently 16-20 hours. Importantly, large part of Maharashtra would be benefited due to proposed expressway with cities such as Nashik, Shirdi, Aurangabad, Jalgaon and Amravati on the route. Especially, regions with development deficit like Marathwada and Vidarbha would get maximum benefit helping to reduce regional imbalance.

The expressway was initially planned to be 8 Lane wide as per vision of Hon. Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari. But due to difficulties in acquiring additional land prompted to limit the project with 6 lane expressway initially. Additional two lanes would be added later after necessary land is acquired. As on today, land for 6 lane expressway is already acquired and project would complete within given timeline. Since May 2014 when NDA took over, road development sector witnessed unprecedented growth due to dynamic leadership of Nitin Gadkari also nicknamed as “Roadkari”. Average road construction in India has jumped from 2 to 4 km per day under UPA regime to 17 km per day as of today. While Minister is targeting 30 km per day by March 2016.  
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